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Enlightened Leaders Conference

Be the leader you were born to be
Gain respect
Gain trust
Gain success
Confidently lead your pack

December 4, 2021

Live (virtual) Conference

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You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.

In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,
so you can know who you are,
what you can rise from,
how you can still come out of it.

—Maya Angelou

Why should I attend the Enlightened Leaders Conference?

It’s been a tough two years. I know. I have been through many of the same thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.

You’re tired of where you are in your career and life. You want more.

You’re stuck because you don't own "your voice" in your workplace. You’re frustrated from not being heard by your colleagues, and being overlooked for new opportunities. You want to feel respected again. The thought of speaking up creates anxiety. It's stopping you from making the career progress you want.

  • You have lost confidence in your value
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by your leadership role
  • You want to feel heard again
  • You want ways to shift these feelings
  • You want to feel energized to take on the world again!

I want to help you to do that...

I will support you by giving you the tools and techniques that I have shared with my clients (and even used myself). Clients use these tools to reach their next level, whether a promotion, significant salary increase, or starting a new venture.

You are a busy professional. I understand.
You're not "giving up" a Saturday—you're "gaining clarity," to see, feel, get excited about your next level. Priceless.

This is your chance to take some much-needed time for yourself—a chance to relax, recharge and reflect with a group of like-minded women for one powerful day.

  • You will regain that passion and fulfillment you get from being a leader
  • You will gain respect
  • You will gain trust
  • You will gain success
  • You will become that leader you were born to be in all aspects of your life

The 3 Key Elements for Reaching Your Next Level of Success

There is an alpha in you.

A natural leader who is sure of herself and leads with confidence, compassion and love for her pack.

I want to help you develop into that natural—intuitive leader you are.

To become the alpha of your pack.


In one focused day, I will take you on a journey of self-discovery and shifting old beliefs, integrating the 3 Key Elements:

V.O.I.C.E  – Heart  –  Soul

By learning how to integrate these 3 elements, you will develop the skills and techniques to help you shift your mindset to overcome any resistance in your life.

You will be stepping out of your comfort zone with a group of like-minded women, who like you, are ready to move to the Next Level of success.

Your confidence will increase.
You’ll learn how to tune your V.O.I.C.E.
to gain more trust and respect
in every aspect of your life.

You have NO Limits…to the success you can achieve.

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Conference preview:

The day includes exploration and focus on current patterns and shifting your mindset.

This is a LIVE interactive conference that includes daily activities to help you experience and understand how to shift your mindset.

By the end of this one power-filled day, you'll have your personalized Pack Leader Action Plan.
This will help you take the next steps to success.

During Our Time Together We’ll Focus On…




We'll take inventory of
- where you are and
- where you want to go

You'll learn how to improve your V.O.I.C.E:

    – identifying and owning your value
    – understanding how to become a conscious observer
    – shifting your I-sight (perception)
    – creating clarity
    – managing your energy

1st layer of your
Pack Leader ACTION Plan

Your heart is your foundation. It is the pump that keeps you going both physically and purposefully. If it falters – you falter.

You'll begin to:

  • Reconnect and refine your passion, gifts
  • Create your Vision, BIG Goals and where you want to go
  • Build awareness by taking inventory of your physical, mental foundation

2nd layer of your
Pack Leader ACTION Plan

Bringing it all together: Integrating V.O.I.C.E. — Heart — Soul to support your daily journey of BEING.

Keeping yourself grounded and balanced, so you flow as you reach the next level.

  • Define your Enlightened Leader Action Plan
  • Create your Mindset Morning practice
  • Learn how to create focus and intention
  • Live in FLOW—lead instinctively

Finalizing your
Pack Leader ACTION Plan

Together these 3 key elements, along with your
Pack Leader ACTION Plan
provide the foundation for you to become an Enlightened Leader

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Will this empower me to take my next steps?

Yes! All of my clients have used these tools and techniques to reach their next level of success. Resulting in promotions, significant pay increases, improved relationships and feeling comfortable in their skin to speak up and be heard.

How has my coaching helped other female leaders?

The following incredible women used the tools and techniques from this conference to great success.
I want to help you to achieve similar goals.

Susan Harkin

School Superintendent

"I needed permission and to see how I was getting in my own way of speaking up confidently. Not only has Lori improved my abilities to be a better C-level executive, she provided insight on how to be better balanced in all areas of my life.

Now I’ve just been promoted to the first female Superintendent of my school district—and I’m headed into it confidently due to Lori.

This is, by far, the best financial investment I’ve ever made in my life!" 

Christine Hoffman

Business Leader

“Being with like-minded woman allowed me to refocus, restart and get back on track to those dreams I wanted. To set the goals and bounce the ideas off others.”

Lori coached me through the process of discovering who I really am, and working to my highest potential. My income has increased 30%, I have realized travel and adventure goals, and just moved into my dream home."

Rachael Owens

SVP, Insurance Company

"I knew I wanted to go the next level, and I wasn’t sure where to start. I was looking for someone to help me figure out how to navigate the next corporate level whilst also managing a hectic household.

Lori really helped me sort through self-awareness, put things in perspective and helped me to learn patience.
My confidence grew. I became more comfortable speaking my opinion.

I was promoted. I’ve said it many times, Lori was better than any therapy for me!
It’s worth every second of time and money invested in being coached by Lori"

These inspiring women have shown there are NO limits
to what you can achieve.

You can become the leader you were born to be.

You can be the alpha of your pack (work or home)

Reserve your spot today and join me for the Enlightened Leaders Conference 

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Your Event Host


The Success Whisperer


Lori gets it. She has been there personally, struggling to trust her instincts and be the leader she was born to be in the corporate workplace.

Lori wasn’t always the positive, confident, outspoken leader she is today. As a younger up and coming business leader she lacked confidence and courage to speak up and ask for what she wanted and it frustrated her.

She left a verbally abusive marriage in 1996 which started the road she travels today. She had to find her voice—and develop the confidence, courage and belief in herself to be successful in business and life—and now she’s a Shewolf Pack Leader!

She brings years of experience from her own journey and a proven track record of powerful results from coaching hundreds of women. She helps clients identify and embrace their value, and develop their unique gifts to increase their confidence. Clients begin to communicate, lead and succeed naturally, gaining more trust and respect as a leader while being true to themselves.

The ROI? Clients are receiving promotions, significant pay increases, and enjoying more fulfillment in their careers while maintaining more balance in their lives. 

Lori’s expertise integrates the key elements of holistic nutrition, brain chemistry and mindset to empower you for high-performance.
She chose to be a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer having used these techniques for over 25 years. Lori is an award-winning author of 5 books and a dynamic keynote speaker. She shares her passion and inspiration to support clients and through events, retreats, group and private coaching

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It's Your Time.

It's Your Turn.

You have NO limits.

This is Your Opportunity to become the leader you were born to be.

Join me for the Enlightened Leaders Conference

I'm excited to share this time with you!

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