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Trainers, Coaches, Speakers...

You Can Own Your Value & Sell with Confidence!

Harness the Clarity, Vision and Momentum YOU Deserve
with Lori Hanson
The Success Whisperer

You're a coach, trainer or speaker...

You're a Certified Canfield Trainer


You’re passionate about improving the lives of others—
and committed to it—but you don’t know where to start to get the ball rolling.

You’re feeling lost on what to offer, how to sell it...
and lack the sales expertise to make it happen on your own. 

Join Me to...

Catapult Your Sales

with Clarity & Confidence


This 75 Minute Masterclass will help YOU 
Package, Price and Sell your Services

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"The templates were a total
game-changer for me!"

"I was struggling with how to effectively prospect for new clients.
Lori’s program helped me shift my sales mindset and reduce my fears. I feel confident prospecting on LinkedIn now.

The templates to map my program offers were a total game-change for me! I now have a clear direction on setting and reaching my sales goals. What I love about coaching with Lori is her passion to share her wealth of knowledge in a way that is relatable to my business!"

 - Fauzia Khan, Canfield TTT Graduate

Own YOUR Value and How to Sell it!


In this Masterclass I'll share 3 concepts to effectively boost your sales.

In just 75 minutes you'll learn how to:

  • Package your offer 
  • Own your value and set your Price with certainty
  • Sell your services with confidence

Getting started can be scary and overwhelming.

YOU don't have to do it alone!

Learn the basic tools you need to comfortably sell your programs and yourself.

Does the thought of sales and “selling” your own programs make you uncomfortable?

Are you stuck wondering what you should charge...

Is your lack of experience for creating the package your ideal client wants holding you back from taking action?

Does "newbie paralysis" have you all tied up?
What IS your value starting out?

I remember feeling this way when I started out.
Being overwhelmed, wishing I had access
to concrete advice and answers.

That's why I'm here, to help you release your FEARS, apprehension and resistance so you can take ACTION, get moving—and make a difference in this world! 

You are not alone.

Hi, I'm so glad you've stopped by - here's a little about me.

My experience includes my personal journey of success (and failures) and a proven track record of powerful results from coaching hundreds of talented leaders and executives.

In a "previous life" I spent ~25 years selling technical solutions and delivering the best in services and support to my Corporate clients. Now, I'm committed to helping clients identify and embrace their value, develop their unique gifts to increase their confidence.

My approach integrates the key elements of holistic nutrition, brain chemistry and mindset to empower you for high-performance.

I look forward to supporting and guiding you.


"In just a short time I put this to use and nailed it (new sale)!"

—Molly Rose Speed, VP Operations for Patty Aubery

"Putting a spotlight on sales held me accountable"

"I learned that we can come from a place of help and service so that our program offers don't come across as "slick or salesy." I've gained confidence to create two new program outlines, and I proposed a workshop. By putting the spotlight on what I need to do, this program held me accountable to move forward through the process. I just love Lori's energy and her openness to questions and help!"

—Addy Kujawa, Canfield TTT Graduate

Do you feel...

Lost and overwhelmed on how to start?
—I'll give you templates to guide through a structured process for creating your offers

Way out of your comfort zone?
—I'll help you set your prices and see why you're worth it

Worn out from "missing" your financial goals or quotas?
—I’ll show you a structured process to help you consistently manage your activities and reach your goals

Your next level in sales starts when you say "yes" to yourself and join me for this fun interactive Masterclass.

Hey - you deserve to be successful!

You don't need to waste another day, week or month struggling on your own.

You don't want to miss this!

Get ready to feel comfortable, take action and
Catapult Your Sales

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