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Amplify Your VOICE
Empower Your LIFE

4-Week Power Course to Help You Speak UP and Gain the Respect You Deserve in the Workplace AND Your Life

Starts October 3rd

Calling all female leaders...

Is it hard for you to confidently talk about how talented and amazing you are?

Do you often feel stuck and undervalued when among a male audience?

Do you find yourself nervous when you want to speak up or share your opinions?


If so, you’re not alone!


Many female leaders find it hard to own their voice, speak up confidently, and be acknowledged.

 Too many women feel authority figures
(other men and women in their world) and expend too much time and energy
filtering what they “should” or shouldn’t say. 

This can make you doubt your value and stop you from sharing your thoughts
and showing up in the workplace as a strong, authentic leader.

Which means the world is missing out on the full impact of your genius…
and you’re missing out on the income & opportunities you deserve.  


Sound familiar?

It’s time to show up confidently and get the respect
you want and deserve.

The professional world needs more female leaders to step up, own their power and help to create what they want to see, across professions and industries. 

 That’s why “The Success Whisperer” Lori Hanson is excited to share her
Amplify Your Voice, Empower Your Life
Power-Course this October.  

 Here’s your chance to gain the confidence, inspiration, and support you need to Speak UP,
stand in your power and make a bigger impact in 
all aspects of your life!  

“Turn up the volume” of your influence...expand your impact.

In Just 4 Weeks You'll learn:
  • Steps to identify and own your value 
  • Process to clearly define what you want to achieve
  • Essentials to creating FLOW in your relationships (professional or personal)
  • Tools and techniques that make it easier to prioritize YOU 
Plus you’ll have more energy, enjoy a boost of confidence, and feel in control again!

Week 1: Unleashing your V.O.I.C.E.
Value. Observer. I-Sight. Clarity. Energy.

In our first week together, we will dive into identifying and owning VOICE. You will gain clarity on your personal value and perception of yourself, what has been holding you back and what you need to feel more confident and powerful using your voice.

Week 2: Defining Your Superpowers, BIG Vision & Aligning Your Mindset

In week 2, we will define your BIG dreams, vision and objectively find the unique gifts that make you, YOU. We’ll you’ll align you goals and mindset, and dig deeper into how you interact each day—which will help you manage your energy and emotions.

Week 3: How to Rewire or Retire Relationships and Create FLOW

It is important to take inventory of your relationships—which ones deplete you and which ones empower you? In our third week, we’ll explore new tools to help you create more flow in relationships—both professional and personal. You’ll gain insights on how you “show up” and how to adjust this for critical, conversations.

Week 4: Love Me Do: Take Care of YOU

If you’re like most successful leaders—there’s more stress in your daily life that you need to succeed. Week 4 is always a powerful class as we take time to focus on YOU! Not only why it’s important to make a shift (and let go of the guilt trip about it) we’ll explore easy ways to help you release it daily! Attendees just love this class.

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"This class helped me get a 30% pay increase!" 

Meet The Success Whisperer, Lori Hanson

Hi, I'm Lori. I am a mindset and success expert (a mindset nerd) devoted to helping female leaders get empowered and reach their “next-level” for 14 years now. (I call them alpha females because, as you might’ve noticed, I have a thing for wolves.)

If you find it hard to speak up for yourself and ask for what you want, I want you to know that I’ve been there, too. I struggled to trust my instincts and be the leader I was born to be. Everything I teach, I have used myself.

My experience includes years of working to prove myself in corporate before reaching where I am today, and developing a proven track record of powerful results from coaching hundreds of women. I help clients clearly identify and own their value, and develop their unique gifts to improve their voice and increase their confidence. My clients learn to communicate, lead and succeed naturally, and gain more trust and respect as a leader while being true to themselves.

I have coached many successful high-level female leaders who were experiencing similar things. They felt they needed "permission" to speak up, they didn't own their value, or know how to improve their confidence, often because of previous experiences. They had uncertainty on how to reach the next level, how to thrive in the workplace, without the feeling of walking on a tightrope.

I am here to support you and help you find your authentic power and confidence in yourself, and own all you have to offer. 

What attendees are saying...

"With Lori's help, I approached our COO about my (increasing) VALUE to the company and asked for the pay increase I believe I had earned. I was just notified that I got what I asked for: an increase of over 50%! I had the courage to actually ask…that's a big change for me rather than just accept what is offered. Thank you for giving me the confidence to do that!"
- Janice Holmes


"It's so easy to go through life on autopilot...the biggest thing I took from Lori's program is to observe. Step back, pause, notice and then decide. Decide what energy you're going to accept or put out, what thought you're going to think, how you're going to move. Awareness really is a great tool for so many reasons and I'm happy to have gone through this program that showed me that. I'd recommend working with Lori to anyone who wants to take a step back and look at the big picture of their life."  
- Heather Hukari

"After this class, I will focus more on finding strategies to focus on myself in interactions instead of always thinking about others' needs exclusively." – Karin


"I realized that I don't take time for myself. I know I am happy when my plate is not as full, yet I doubt it will ever be clean. I have to learn to say no and have better balance in my life." – Angela


"I needed permission and to see how I was getting in my own way of speaking up confidently. Not only has Lori improved my abilities to be a better C-level executive, she provided insight on how to be better balanced in all areas of my life." – Susan Harkin, School Superintendent, District 300

"I felt like I have been sitting on the fence and talking a lot about what I want to do but never committed to it. Now I am committed and am so excited! I also noticed how much anxiety, frustration and anger I feel towards money—all stemming from childhood." – Karen


"This class has helped me continue to work toward self-improvement. Practical tools for how to remain present, in the moment, to put myself FIRST, and be more mindful have made a big impactful for me."
– Melanie


"This class helped me to pump the breaks a little bit. It's important to slow down and see the value in ourselves along with the things around us." 

You'll love this program if...

You know that you have great ideas and insights—yet at times you hesitate to share them.

Sometimes you feel like the men in your organization talk over you or don’t take you seriously.

You’re tired of being passed over for promotions you know you deserve.

You’re ready to hit "next-level" success.

You’re committed to investing in yourself and doing whatever it takes to step up!

Stop waiting for Permission.
It’s time to get what you DESERVE!

By taking the time to bring awareness to where and why you got stuck, you'll begin to amplify your voice.
You (like so many of my clients) will get that promotion, celebrate the significant pay increase (you know you deserve), and enjoy more fulfillment in your career, with more balance in your life—this is learning to live in FLOW.

It’s time to be the leader you were born to be and jump start your success.

Your Power Course includes:

  • 4 Live Weekly Coaching Sessions (to cover content and do interactive exercises)
  • Session replays (to listen again)
  • Homework to help you digest the material and take action
  • Class begins October 3rd
  • Bonus Gift: Q&A Session November 7th

Amplify Your Voice
Power Course

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