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You Can Negotiate Anything
with Confidence

3 Keys to Help Women Ask for What YOU Want

with Lori Hanson
The Success Whisperer

LIVE (Virtual) Masterclass

Join us and discover how
YOU can get comfortable at the negotiating table

August 25, 2021 @ 10:00 am MT

"You can't get a YES unless you ask."

— Lori Hanson

Does thinking about negotiating make you nervous, anxious and uncomfortable?

Were you told that women who negotiate are too aggressive and people don't like them?

Have you ever felt intimated, bullied or "dismissed" when negotiating which makes it painful for you to speak up and ask for what you really want?

Anything is negotiable!

From the contractor quote to improve your home, to the credit card company late fee (that you accidentally missed) to your salary, the family vacation destination, new home and more.

Yet, negotiating is a skill that many (business) women are not comfortable with. Negotiating doesn't make you bossy, bitchy or evil. It just helps you to confidently come to agreement with another person.

With a solid blueprint for how to prepare yourself for a negotiation you can move from feeling dread and torture to being confident with belief in yourself as an empowered and equal player at the table!

During this special Masterclass, you’ll learn from The Success Whisperer…who has personally inspired and coached thousands of people to define and develop into who they want to be and how they want to show up.

Lori spent over 20 years in professional technology sales where most of her clients were men. She loves the process of negotiating and empowering women to understand and embrace their natural skills to feel comfortable at the negotiating table.
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Close Your Eyes for a Minute and Imagine...
- What you could do or have if you were comfortable negotiating?
- How could you be a better leader if you were confident as a negotiator?
- What could you do for your team, organization or company if you entered negotiations knowing how to respond regardless of what happens?

You'll learn...

  • The 3-keys that will help you ask for anything you want (it will be easier than you think)
  • How to prepare for a negotiation and eliminate the issues that will tank the process
  • The biggest mistake most business women make (and what you should never do)
  • ..what's different about how men view negotiations (that will help you)

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What is holding You back?

Fear of being disliked?

Don’t want to be perceived as Aggressive or Bossy?

Uncomfortable asking for what you want?

Feel like you should just accept the salary you were offered?

Join The Success Whisperer for this Masterclass
Discover your confident and courageous SELF
She is waiting for YOU!

It's time to Step UP!

Ask for What You Want
...and get it

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