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Ready to Reach Your Next Level?


Is setting goals scary or uncomfortable for you?

Do you set goals, get distracted and settle for less…than SUCCESS?

Does your DREAM feel out of reach?

Need clarity to get started on your BIG goal?

Want to learn latest neuro-science techniques and exceed expectations?

Your road to Next Level Success in 2022 starts right
"Before attending Lori’s event, I felt stuck.

Afterwards I felt lighter.
I experienced an uplift in my energy, a reset. 
Immediately, I took action and got things done!

I highly recommend attending Lori’s coaching and events!"

- Georgeanna Cooper

Join me for...
Goal Getters
Success Accelerator Coaching

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Learn How to Win…and Release the FEARs that have held you back in the past
Become “besties” with Persistence, Resilience and Intuition!
Begin to master your mojo for “whatever it takes”
Create your detailed Goal Getters Action Plan for 2022
Learn Tools, Techniques and Strategies to keep you focused on your goals
Learn how to shift your mindset
Get feedback and accountability
Engage your senses with the latest neuro-science (audio, visual, touch, feel, emotion)
This is your opportunity discover the tools necessary to get to where you want to BE.
It’s time to create your plan for success in 2022.
It's time to shift your mindset and let go of old beliefs.

It’s time to reach your Next Level.

Why the Goal Getters Accelerator Coaching is for YOU

You want to create momentum and get results!
You have BIG professional goals and quotas to hit.
You'll want the latest Neuroscience techniques to prime your brain for success.
You're ready to stop making excuses and take a BIG create SUCCESS.

This is YOUR Year

You feel out of sync. Worn out, stressed out, without that balance you had—
>>>I’ll give you tools to create calm, set boundaries and enjoy your life...again

You're feeling the absence of "Me" time—
>>>You'll learn how to create more FREEDOM in your life

You consistently worry about the lack of "enough" money—
>>>I’ll teach you techniques to create consistent cash flow

You're tired of "just missing" your work goals/quotas—
>>>I’ll show you how to create more energy and focus for what you do

You'll view your life through a new lens—without limits.

You'll accelerate your momentum using the same proven tools and techniques that helped me, and so many clients achieve the success they dreamed of.

You'll gain confidence on what you CAN do. And release beliefs and doubts that have held you back in the past.

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
I've lost almost 300 games.
26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.
I've FAILED over and over again in my life, and that is why I  SUCCEED."

- Michael Jordan

Who is Lori Hanson?

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Ready for your Next Level?

It takes time and commitment to create the winning Goal Getters ACTION plan you need to reach your goals (BIG or small).

It doesn't have to be difficult though.

I will coach you, guide you, and teach you the tools you need.


I will support you.
In just 5 weeks we'll cover:

Module 1: Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Commitment
Deeper dive into where you are and where you want to be

Module 2: Foundation (Part 1)
Clearing your path for Success (obstacles, challenges, fears & more)

Module 3: Foundation (Part 2)
Positioning yourself for High Performance, Focus & Productivity

Module 4: Mastering "Goal Getters" Mindset
Persistence, Success Routines & Practices, Special Sauce

Module 5: Review, Reset, Resilience
Strategies, Tools and Techniques to Keep Committed

Classes are fun, interactive with group exercises, demonstrations, Q&A and real life success stories.


Before attending Lori’s Conference, I felt stuck.
At Lori's event I learned techniques that challenged my mind and body.
After attending I felt lighter. I experienced an uplift in my energy, a reset.
The distress of what may go wrong dissolved and my thoughts began to free flow.
Immediately, I took action and got things done that I just did not have the energy to do before Lori’s Conference.

Lori is gifted in coaching that leads to having the important conversations.
She sees and recognizes strengths and those things of the mind that require restoration.

I highly recommend Lori's Coaching and events!


Goal Getters Program Details

1 - Five (5) Weekly Wednesday LIVE Sessions

     Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, Mar 2
     11:30am - 12:30pm MT (12:30pm CT, 1:30pm ET, 10:30am PT)
2 - Goal Getters Accelerator ACTION Plan
3 - Video Replay of Weekly Classes (to watch again)

4 - BONUS: Access to "3 Steps to Comfortable Cash Flow" 
      (3 Session Webinar)

Goal Getters Accelerator Coaching Program........Value $ 998

3 Secrets to Comfortable Cash Flow Webinar........Value $ 198

                                                        Total Package...Value $1196

Your Investment only $247
Save $50! with our *Snow Special* $197
(Offer expires 1.31.22)
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This is YOUR Year.


You have NO Limits.

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