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Stepping into the Leader you are meant to BE


May 18-22, 2021

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Forget playing small!

It’s time to improve your V.O.I.C.E.
Increase your confidence, and
Get permission to SHOW UP as the influential leader you ARE...

When you learn to trust your V.O.I.C.E., to give yourself permission, to feel empowered and comfortable being YOU—to speak authentically in any situation—that is stepping into the leader you are meant to be.

If you’re passionate, dedicated and want to make an impact on your company, career, other rising female leaders, or the planet you've got to join us for this Challenge.

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In this Challenge...

You’ll learn how to show up fully, feeling confident and empowered to use your integrated, influential V.O.I.C.E.

You will discover a path to your genius, bypassing any feelings of fear or intimidation,
without sacrificing more time, energy or frustration.

Here's a Challenge preview:

Day 1

  • We’ll walk through the 5-Step Empowerment Process I developed in working with clients to Improve and Elevate Your V.O.I.C.E.
    (it's easier than you think!)
  • You'll get clear on your how you want to GROW (it may not be what you expect)
  • We'll identify beliefs that stand in your way (and a painless way to move them)

Day 2

  • Together we'll look at why so many female business leaders play small (and give you a boost to step up)
  • We'll look at how we "prove" we are right (and do exercises to help you shift the beliefs that hold you back)

Day 3

  • Reflecting on Your Relationships (did you know 80% of successful people have relationship issues!)
  • What relationships rock, what relationships are rocky and what that adds up to...
  • Plus a process to release relationship stress and negative energy


Why taking this time to become more comfortable and AUTHENTIC will ELEVATE your V.O.I.C.E.
and increase the IMPACT and INFLUENCE you command

Why being YOU fuels your ability to MAKE A DIFFERENCE (and it's more FUN!)

The best part is...
at the end of the CHALLENGE
you'll have specific actions to take that will continue to boost your confidence,
your voice and influence as the amazing leader you already ARE.

Day 4

  • How to fuel your Brain and Body and create your High-Performance Power Center
  • Why balancing your brain chemistry naturally:
    • reduces insomnia and stress
    • eliminates bitchy behavior
    • improves focus
    • provides relief to over-sensitivity

Day 5

  • Creating a safe space for you to THRIVE
  • Learn a simple approach to managing your energy (and what you should never do)
  • The life-changing POWER of GRATITUDE
  • How to "Master" a morning routine and get grounded before running off to the races

What Lori’s attendees and clients say...

Christine H.

Business Leader

“Being with like-minded woman allowed me to refocus, restart and get back on track to those dreams I wanted. To set the goals and bounce the ideas off others.”

Susan H.

COO, School District

"Lori helped me become a better C-Level Executive and Improve my Voice.”  

Debbie T.

VP, Keybank

“Lori is amazing!”

Kathleen H.

National President
CenturyLink Women

“Your program was rich with wisdom to improve our lives. The seeds you planted will change us for the better and help us to realize our full potential.”


Business Leader

"I loved the energy in the room and learning I can do it, even if I get side-tracked.

I now understand that vision is key!"

Alison M.

VP Finance
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

"Lori’s enthusiasm and real-life testimonial inspired the me to take action.

Her insight is something I wish I had in my twenties, but it is never too late to start living a better version of your life today!”

Regina S.

Business Leader

"You have changed my life and I will always be grateful to you for that.

Gloria Padilla

Dress for Success

“Lori did more than just teach us about performance strategies to achieve serious success – it was almost as if she was unveiling the inner wisdom within each one of us."

Jenny T.

Business Leader

“I love the intimacy Lori creates in the room.”

Your Live Challenge Host

The Success Whisperer


Lori wasn’t always the positive, confident, outspoken leader she is today. As a younger up and coming business leader she lacked confidence and courage to speak up and ask for what she wanted and if frustrated her.

She left a verbally abusive marriage in 1996 which started the road she travels today. She had to find her voice—and develop the confidence, courage and belief in herself to be successful in business and life—and now she’s a powerhouse!

Lori Hanson International was started in 2008 after her first book was published. She spent 26 years as a leader in Corporate America, it was time to follow her passion for self-development, mindset and the road to success. Lori has studied the journey of elite athletes, celebrities and business leaders for years.

Her expertise is to build a solid foundation by balancing brain and body chemistry for high-performance, integrated with Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and her unique blend of tools. She has coached and empowered hundreds of clients to improve their confidence, voice and to set and reach their business and life goals without limits.

She is a high-energy keynote speaker and hosts essential events, seminars and retreats for business women. She is the author of 5 books, including The Stress Survival Kit for the Alpha Female and the GratiJournal.

NOW is the time!

This is YOUR time…

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BE the Leader You are Meant to BE

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Wherever You Are on Your Leadership Path… this Challenge will Fuel and Empower you to:

BE more (and show up fully)
HAVE more influence
DO more (because you now have permission)
MAKE a bigger Impact (because your confidence is contageous)
…and enjoy more Fun, Health and FREE time

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